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Troop Mentor Program

Experienced and successful real estate professionals with a passion for mentoring dedicate their time to helping new agents close their first three transactions.

Newly licensed real estate agents working with a Troop Mentor close their first three transactions more quickly, and with happier clients, than those who did not have the opportunity to work with a Mentor when starting their careers with other real estate companies.

Troop Mentors are seasoned real estate professionals with a passion for coaching. They mentor our newly licensed agents through their first three transactions and assist them in hosting open houses, giving buyer and seller presentations, real estate marketing, and gaining and closing real estate transactions.

Our Mentors are committed to the following:

  • Familiarize the agent with their new real estate office, colleagues, and communications systems.
  • Make sure the agent completes all 11 New Agent classes led by Real Estate Trainer, Tim Galvin, or Santa Clarita Training Manager, Charli Tuttle.
  • Assist in registering the agent in their Association of Realtors® classes on the Residential Purchase Agreement, SUPRA key, and navigating the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Accompany the agent on buyer interviews, listing appointments, and assist in preparing presentation materials for clients.
  • Accompany the agent on an Open House for training on best practices and Realtor safety measures.
  • Coach agent on proper follow-up strategies and communication with clients.
  • Ensure the agent takes steps to procure leads daily; assisting with dialogs and teaching tried and true methods for business growth.
  • Remove fear from the equation, sitting with the agent in appointments to professionally assist clients and the new agent.
  • Attend all office meetings and new MLS real estate listing caravans together on a weekly basis.
  • Assist the agent through the escrow process, including gathering and preparing a file for closing.
  • Act as the agent’s primary source of contact at all times throughout the mentorship period. Communication is key to the agent’s success.
  • Assist the agent in managing a CRM (contact management system) for lead and past client follow-up.