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Vicki Earnest

I am proud to work for Troop Real Estate, a company that shares the values I hold dear.

Having a Dream and Making a Difference

Vicki brings 19 years of success in sales, marketing and management. Agents working with Vicki benefit from her distinctive set of talents, strong traditional sales experience, the proven capacity to manage her affairs, and an understanding that shared knowledge benefits everyone. Vicki prides herself on her problem solving abilities and her ability to listen and communicate with others. These talents are what set her apart.

In her own words…

I believe in giving in order to serve and feel fortunate to live and work in the area and give back to the community and to the agents at Troop Thousand Oaks.

I absolutely believe that everyday is a gift and should be lived to the fullest without regret. Treat all as equal, accept and appreciate your family and friends as they are. With a positive thought and an open heart you can bring happiness and joy to yourself and those around you. Please stop by my office any time and welcome to our team!