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Kathy Courter

KathyAcquire the Tools of Success

“When my agents succeed – I succeed.”

From the beginning of Kathy Quinn-Courter’s stellar career, she has always been deeply committed to sharing knowledge. A devoted student of the real estate business and the study of successful agents, Kathy has built an outstanding team at her offices by employing a program of supportive mentoring and advanced training systems.

Born and raised in the small port town of Superior, Wisconsin; she grew up amongst the crystal-clear lakes and lush foliage of the region. At an early age, Kathy acquired a deep appreciation for music through her two grandmothers’ mastery of the piano. As that appreciation matured, it eventually led to earning a degree from the University of Wisconsin and a career teaching music to children throughout the state. But the cold winters finally drove Kathy west to a new life in Thousand Oaks… and a new career at Troop Real Estate.

“As new agents, we all start on the same page… it’s the choices we make after that which determine if we’re going to achieve success or mediocrity.”

Kathy’s natural ability to be a leader was quickly noticed by those around her. She was offered an opportunity to move into management, a position that allowed her to utilize the considerable skills that she had acquired as an educator. Kathy also found that she enjoyed working closely with agents on ways to improve their business while increasing their production. “I looked at this not as a total departure from what I had been doing as an educator – but simply reapplying the same skill sets into a different arena.”

Kathy spent more and more time mentoring and teaching the agents that she managed, while she continued her own growth as a real estate professional. Her passion to share knowledge led Kathy to become a private coach with the internationally respected real estate training organization of Floyd Wickman. There she excelled – dramatically increasing her personal clients’ business, as well as helping them learn to live a balanced life.

Kathy Quinn-Courter married the love of her life, Brent, who is also in real estate, as is her daughter, Briana. She continues to play piano, and you can always find a motivational book on her nightstand. Kathy likes to breakdown her management style into one simple concept: “Kathy Quinn-Courter has an open door policy and will always listen, regardless of the issue.”