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Nicole Romanowski

Nicole“I try to always motivate by bringing passion and excitement to the job. I use it to encourage success while still making it a positive, fun place to work.”

Achieving Your Dream

After meeting with Nicole Romanowski for just a short time, you’ll find that an enthusiastic spirit not only drives her management style – it’s the core of her lifestyle as well. As Manager for Troop Real Estate’s Moorpark office, she enjoys employing her high-energy personality when working with the agents at the office.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Nicole and her family traversed the three thousand miles to Southern California so that her father, a brick mason, could escape the cold winters of Canada that had always limited his ability to work year-round. With French being their native language, life was not always easy. But with time, and a hearty resolve, their business began to succeed and they were able to purchase a home in the developing suburb of Encino.

After graduating, Nicole ventured into the workforce to start her own American Dream. She diligently worked her way out from behind the deli counter at a local grocery store to become the department’s manager. Nicole, with her endless supply of energy, decided to take on another venture. She received her real estate license and began doing double duty – first working during the days at the market and then going out nights to work her real estate career. Never afraid of a challenge, and seeing the wonderful opportunity that real estate offered, she was committed to exerting the time and effort necessary to make a success of her new career.

Fortunately, it was during this time that Nicole had the chance to meet with Brian Troop. Brian liked the determination he saw in her and invited her to become an agent with the company. It was this association that allowed Nicole to achieve outstanding success as a Realtor, become one of the top producing agents in the organization, and be given the Associate Manager position at the Moorpark office.

The ever-energetic mother of two still finds the time to expand her skill sets by attending continuing education classes and seminars. She also holds the title of Qualified Superior Court Mediator, along with being the 2007 President of the Conejo Simi Moorpark Association of Realtors. Nicole has a love of travel, hockey, scuba diving, co-ed softball, and is dedicated to volunteering. And at the root of it all is a passion for life that drives her daily activities – along with an important lesson she learned as a child that will always stay with her… “Anyone with determination and a commitment to hard work can achieve their dream.”

“I know for a fact that if – as a new agent – I would have started somewhere else, I probably would have already failed and moved on. Instead, Nicole helps all of us to realize our dreams.”