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Paul Gonzales

“I love my life and enjoy what is around me.”

Enjoy the Ride

Born in Burbank and a resident of Santa Clarita for over 30 years, Paul Gonzales has been lucky enough to have lived his entire life surrounded by family in Southern California. He loves the Golden Coast and enjoys the many opportunities it offers its residents. He often paddles out on his surfboard to sit with the dolphins and seals off-shore, looking back at the coastline from their unique perspective. He applies that perspective to his artwork, as his subject matter of choice is underwater and marine life. He never strays too far from the water, either, even when he is on land. Paul and his wife enjoy spending their weekends on their motorcycles, riding through the mountains and along the coastline.

As the manager of Troop Real Estate’s Santa Clarita branch, Paul ensures that the office environment is one that all of his agents can also enjoy. His easy smile and unfailing graciousness sets agents, clients and visitors at ease immediately.

And happy agents are top-producing agents. Paul’s extensive background in sales has given him the ability to guide his agents to success. He worked for a Fortune 500 company as a National Sales and Marketing Manager before coming to Troop. Though the constant travel was hard on him and his family, the experience he garnered from the position provided him with a clear advantage over others when he was first recruited by Troop Real Estate’s General Manager.

Within a few months, Paul was assistant manager at the Santa Clarita office, where he focused on applying what he learned in marketing and sales to real estate. When Paul has a goal in mind, he is unerring in his dedication. He has spent time serving in Southland Regional Association of Realtors. Paul has co-chaired Governmental Affairs, participated in MLS – Rules, Education and Ethics Committees. Paul demonstrates the same brand of dedication in his management; a relentless devotion to remaining on the cutting edge, always hunting for new and innovative ways to sell real estate.

“I have never worked in an environment quite like the one Paul maintains; everyone gets along so well. He is a great manager, who goes above and beyond to try to make every individual happy.”

“Paul is focused on how to make us stand out distinctively from others in the community. Every day, he is working on a way to keep us ahead of our competitors.”