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Troop Camarillo

3200 E. Los Angeles Ave. Ste. 12
Simi Valley, CA 93065
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Emilio Mora


“The office here is like a family. I like it that way. We celebrate each other’s successes; and are there to help each other with challenges.”

When Opportunity Knocks… Open the Door!

Emilio,along with his parents and two sisters, moved to Los Angeles with no knowledge of the English language, no furniture, and little money; but with an abundance of hope and ambition. As they slowly acclimated to their new surroundings, they found that success was achievable through a combination of loving support for one another, and determined hard work. The valuable lessons learned during this time of transition shaped Emilio’s appreciation for family. And meeting him today, you can’t help but notice that influence by the genuine warmth and concern that he shows for the people around him.

After graduating from college, Emilio settled in Simi Valley with his wife, where Emilio’s sister had become a Realtor. She convinced the new graduate of the great possibilities in the area’s real estate market. A little apprehensive, but never one to overlook an opportunity, Emilio gave it a try. But his apprehension soon gave way to elation when, after just one day with his license, he had his first deal…And after the first three months, Emilio had fifteen transactions!

In the years ahead, opportunity and hard work were rewarded by success, as Emilio built a solid reputation and career. And even though over the years he has won many awards and plaques testifying to that fact, you could never tell by the walls of his office, or his humble words. Instead, he prefers to focus the attention on his agents and not on his own achievements.

Today, a 24-year veteran of Troop Real Estate who still resides in Simi Valley, Emilio runs his office as he would a family; always supplying a healthy dose of respect, concern and commitment for every agent who works there. Nothing gives him greater satisfaction than to see his agents succeed; both in their personal and business lives. Emilio is always there for them anytime, anywhere, serving as “coach, protector, and guidance counselor.” And, as unique opportunities go in today’s business world, working with Emilio Mora and Troop Real Estate is one that is just too good to let pass by.

“Emilio’s brand of management is unique; because it comes not only from the head – but from the heart. He offers you first hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the field as an agent, while at the same time, giving you the emotional support and friendship that only comes from working with someone who truly cares.”