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Charlene Siemon

Charlene-Siemon_Wood-Ranch-300x199“Very rarely is someone going to be good at all things… The key is to find your niche – what you are really good at and enjoy – and then pursue it with a passion.”

Stepping Up to Success

Charlene’s quiet confidence, nurturing personality, and grasp of the real estate industry are striking and have propelled her to become a top manager for Troop Real Estate. She believes one must have a passion for the business and stresses the need to find your niche to succeed. To help facilitate this philosophy, Charlene sits with every agent to develop an individualized career plan that they can follow to produce the results they are pursuing.

In addition, Charlene strongly believes that for her agents to be successful, they need to be in sync with innovations in technology. By demystifying and making technology “agent friendly,” you gain the ability to be a more efficient and productive realtor. New techniques in web-based real estate technology allow you to maintain better communication with your client base while expanding your personal marketing and advertising reach. Charlene is dedicated to keeping her agents up-to-date by supplying them with the knowledge and training to effectively incorporate technology into their daily business practices.

“Charlene is a tremendous attribute to the Troop organization! She is truly a devoted manager and always goes above and beyond for all of us. She has always been there to help guide me….”

“Charlene Siemon is not only smart and highly educated, but she is patient and kind. She gives us confidence in knowing we have all the support we need to function as real estate professionals.”